Hard Shell, Soft Core

Like a little girl in a storm trooper suit

You act like you’re strong, you act like you’re rude

Hard shell but soft core, you come to the fore

But you know you’re not like this, so what is it for?


You hide behind a face that radiates aggression

You think it’s up to you to teach people a lesson

You’ve got a bad name, what a shame, no one knows who’s to blame

no matter what they say, you will do it again


You’ve got a new totally manly tattoo

It’s a cover-up for the lovely words „mom, i love you“

Now your arm is decorated with a hero of war

With a grenade in his hands: a symbol for what you adore


Every restroom in our little town has got a defaced wall

Jokes and dicks with balls and phone numbers you shouldn’t call

And everybody in every tavern observed you every time

You came out with a pen after being inside for a while


Remember seven years ago you lived a life filled with joy

Attentive, friendly, selfless, gently, the lovely boy next door

And suddenly your life has changed in such a different way

You replaced your silver linings by ingratitude and hate